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W3 runs 1 & 2

Tinternet now working so here is the latest.

What can I say, I loved it!

The first session of week 3 went ok. I did the runs, lots of stretching and good God! I thought my right calf was made of stone in the morning! Well after reading about insoles and such to help foot roll and the like, I decided to try and change the way my foot (right) hit the floor.

Second session, lots of stretching before and after, the warm up and everything else that followed I did focusing on keeping my foot from rolling inwards. The runs went by in a blur, helped enormously by not thinking about them. Can you bottle this? Lol

My calf is a little tight just below (handspan) my knee, not having a foam roller and being a tight git, I decided to fill an old glass juice bottle with water and proceeded to use this, it does the job as after five minutes on the floor rolling my leg along the bottle it eased enormously. Not ideal but It will do for now!

I intend to hold off with the insoles for a while and concentrate on keeping my foot more level. My right leg is my worst so I kinda expected this, but its the little things that sometimes kick you in the backside the hardest.

Looking forward to the next run, and I think I could really get into stretching!

All the best.


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I think it impressive that you can concentrate on form whilst running, especially early in the programme. As for equipment, I've yet to follow through on my gait analysis, mainly because I find my runners really comfortable and (stop giggling at the back) feel a sense of loyalty to them, having got me this far.

Also I can't help thinking that over whatsisnaming (I can never think of the word) will correct itself as I run more and build up the muscles.

I suppose that as ever, I'll need something to happen (such as my first running injury) to put manners on me.


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