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Week1R3 - An Unexpected Companion

Yesterday my husband decided that although we can't run together every session for childcare reasons, he wanted to come out with me today and start his own Couch25K. This threw me a bit as I was sort of getting used to the idea of going on my own and didn't know if I would try to run too fast or anything in front of him.

I was a bit tense initially as I had to wait in my running gear for ages getting nervous and hungry while he was stuck in traffic coming back from dropping off our little girl at my mum's.

Anyway, as it turned out I did quite enjoy running with him. We didn't do a very good job of synchronising podcasts so he was starting his runs a bit earlier than me, but at one point he brisk walked in a circle for a while so that I could catch him up! We seemed to be about the same speed, but as it was his first run, I imagine that he will get faster than me. I ummed and ahhed about staying longer on week 1 so that we could be at the same point in the programme, but decided not to wait in case I have to repeat any of the later runs. I am also too impatient to finish the course, but I do feel rather mean! It will be most annoying that we have to do two runs a week on different days now! I hope that he keeps with it!

Today's W1R3 seemed fairly hard again, but not unbearable. I didn't feel sick until the cool down walk this time!

It might sound strange/impossible, but although I have only done 3 run/walks, I feel a tiny bit more toned! Or rather less untoned! ;)

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It's great to do it together...well sort of! My husband "notpheidippides" is running with me. he's much faster than me and got fed up with running my speed. We run in a park and now I let him run at his speed then when Laura says walk now I blow a whistle (he doesn't have the podcast) and he walks back to me so that we meet for some of the run. I guess you couldn't really do this on the road though. All the best with your'll do it :-)


Thanks very much. I like the thought of having a whistle, but I think that my husband is rather taken with Laura's voice! All the best to you too! We run on a track around a field at the moment, but I may progress to pavements of roads with hills when I get a bit better!


Hi big-momma! How nice of him to circle round to be with you! I doubt if I could run with my better half. He sees exercise as a waste of time - he says he would rather be in the workshop making something. He's not overweight like me though! (And he buys posh chocs when he thinks I'm trying to lose weight)

I don't look like getting my W1 R2 run in today now. Feels like I've bunked off school or similar! I need to plan it in to the week better. Simply too much on today and no time left.

You are ace doing this when you have so much on with a young family to care for too. WELL DONE YOU! You are an inspiration to many! Best wishes and enjoy feeling more toned.


Thank you very much. I did think 'aaaaah', after 'wtf are you doing running in a circle!'

My husband loves cooking, which hasn't helped me to lose weight in the past, but I think that he is a bit more on board this time. He isn't as overweight as me, but he has noticed that he has to buy larger trousers these days which I reckon has probably helped too!

Thanks very much for the confidence boost. I am massively in awe of all the people on here who get up really early to run, or go out after a long day at work. I am only part-time self-employed, so although I can't go out unless I have someone to look after my toddler, my working hours are fairly flexible which is a help. I don't think that you should feel bad about life getting in the way of your W1R2. Like me, a week ago you probably didn't do any running and you have already been out once! Hopefully you will be able to fit it in soon. I am only going to try to do 3 runs a week as I like the routine of set days and I think that I am less likely to give up if fitting them in doesn't become too much of a headache.

Lots and lots of positive vibes to you for your W1 R2 whenever it is!


Thank you for the positive vibes! I shall probably use them in the morning. Just had my meal so too late now. (Another excuse!) People are all so positive on this site aren't they? I am finding you a HUGE inspiration. Thank you so much.


What is really lovely is how people can inspire others so soon! Feeling that you could be helping someone else along gives even more incentive to keep going - well, it did for me, anyway. This site is such a warm, friendly place! :)


I tried to get my wife to run with me and even offered to start all over again - no chance.

Well done for completing the week, keep it going :-)


Thank you very much for the support (and congrats on being a graduate). Maybe one day your wife will catch the running bug still. I don't think that I would have imagined that I would be digging my trainers out even a few weeks ago and I don't think that anyone could have persuaded me to do it then either! I don't know why, but when a friend told me last week that I should do the next Race for Life, I just agreed. I didn't agree last year! I guess that different sports do suit different people though and I would have been more reluctant to run with my husband if he was fit already!


I think it will be a while before I dare to run with my husband - he plays several hours of tennis a week, and has awards for his running from when he was younger! He's very supportive though, and that really helps. Hope your paired running works well for you. :)


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