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Legs of jelly prove that I finished the 25 minute run this evening!

Sore legs, sore back, sore feet but happy girl. Can't believe it did it alone this evening - thanks for all the good advice and encouragement.

I laughed when Laura said "now you can consider yourself a runner!" I don't think that's really true, given my pace, but perhaps I am a jogger.

Looking forward to that hot shower - hope these jelly legs will get me there :-)

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Have to admit, I've considered myself a runner since very early in the programme.

It's easier to justify it the further I go though.

Well done.


You can call yourself whatever you like, doesn't change that its a brilliant achievement. Well done!


The only difference between a jogger and runner is their signature on the entry form. :-) I just read this the other day on the net, so I can't take credit for it. Well done you! Gayle


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