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Not so ready for the 25 minute run. I think


Just completed week 6 run 2 and even with a headwind and heavy legs managed to get it done. As we know run 3 is the 25minute one. I might take an extra rest day. Just a bit worried about the 25mins. Help.

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Take an extra rest day if you feel you need to but try not to let it build into a big thing in your head. I actually found Runs 1&2 of Week 6 harder than Run 3. Did you manage Run 3 of Week 5 OK? So, you already know that you can do 20 minutes of non stop running. You are just going to run an extra 5 minutes, which is what Week 6 has been preparing you for. You can do it!


Great job on those tricky intervals... I struggled with W5R2... run 3 was much better. Enjoy the rest day(s) keep the legs loose and just go slow and steady into that 25 minute run. You can do it... the wall you’re building in your mind doesn’t really exist, try to relax before the run. There should be no pressure as nothing depends on any run. Enjoy.


I did this run today. I went out thinking I wasn't going to be able to do it (despite knowing I have done it before I was injured!) - too hot, too tired, etc, etc.....but I just kept going and did it.

You won't know if you can do it until you try - and it you don't manage it, then count it as a rehearsal!


Well done on your progress.

Extra rest days are definitely worth it if runs are tough.

Heavy legs can be symptomatic of poor hydration.

Stretching straight after every run, as per guide to the plan, will help.

This post about mental approach may also help

Trust the plan, believe in yourself and pace yourself.

You can do this.


Thanks everyone. Feeling better already. Great advice and highly appreciated.

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