So far so good!

Well, that's week 2 behind me. I had worried that the snow and ice might de-rail me and force a repeat of W1, but it's about a 5 minute walk to the football pitches and running on snow covered grass feels OK, definitely safer than pavements. Only downside is that the shifting surface has led to my glutes tightening up so the weather really has been a pain in the butt! W3 starts Saturday...

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  • Fair play to you Stega. May I ask, what's a glute?

  • The glues are the big muscles in your bottom

  • Thanks Stega, I never knew what they were called.

    Every day's a school 'un.

  • I hadn't worked out where the glutes were either, even though I've read about them repeatedly - I just ignore them and think 'muscles somewhere or other'. Now I know.

    I ran on a bit of snowy grass the other day, and was surprised that it seemed harder work than I'd expected, because I had to pick my feet up more. Usually I pretty much shuffle (or juffle). And the ground underneath was squishy which made it more interesting too. Less jarring than pavement though.

  • Any soft or shifting surface makes running harder, running on a beach is very hard work unless you are down on the hard damp sand near the sea

  • well done stega - I will try the running on snowy grass rather than pavements (if the dreaded snow does indeed fall here)

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