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Dry mouth

Hi all not blogged on here for a few months, I finished the couch to 5k end of last year, a few weeks before xmas I didnt go out very much and is now trying to get back to the 5k, I dont know if I have mentioned this before but, my problem is (sorry this doesnt sound very nice) but when I run my saliva seems to go thicker, and when I swallow feels like I cant swallow it, but saying that I dont have much saliva as it is when I run, does anyone else have the same problem????

I thought damn tonight I was about 30 seconds away from the 5k, I really pushed my self hard and at the end, I heaved 3 times, very nearly sick, does anyone get that.

Hope you are all happy with your runs.

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Sounds horrible for you, hope you manage to sort it out.


I get a similar thing, but thankfully no heaving, and put it down to my mouth drying out with all the gasping! I don't really want to carry a drink, so tuck a Polo or a few Tic Tacs in my pocket for those gooey mouth or dry throat moments :)

Good that you're getting back into it - Happy running :)


I get the same thing...glad it's not just me!

I've tried with the tic tacs but it just doesn't seem to work - I have to take a bottle of water with me. It's a bit of a pain carrying it but it does also help to tone my bingo wings up...bonus workout!!


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