Hi guys i am suffereing from horrendous mouth ulcer / toothache. I have been to the dentist and have been prescribed a steriod tablet that dissolves in the mouth. along with using bonjela & panadol. I haven't been able to eat properly and feel tired. I want to keep up the running and i am due to finish week 7 tomorrow morning. Is it still ok to run do you think?


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  • Poor you! sounds horrible. Maybe you should wait a day or so. Not being able to eat could make it tricky on the energy side of things. Its ok to have a few extra days when you need it. Go carefull x

  • I would say give it a go and it may be better than you expect. BUT, your body is out of sorts so be gentle on yourself and do not beat yourself up if you drop out. Just do a nice relaxed and slow and steady session and see how you cope. I wouldn't push too hard. Can you access some propolis from a bee hive? it works wonders on mouth ulcers!

  • There is nothing worse than having a sore mouth apart from ear ache in my opinion so big hug coming your way. Try eating soup (not too hot) and milk puddings, also a fruit smoothy with banana in it will give you some added energy. If you feel OK to run try it but don't be too hard on yourself a day or two rest will perhaps do you more good. Take care.

  • Thanks guys :) bloody painful!! I'm on panadol , bonjela and the dentist prescribed mr steroid capsules to dissolve on the ulcer. I have been eating although with greatest of difficulty! Gives me excuse to eat semolina and old school favourites! I plan on running tomorrow morning - finishing off week 7! Have a good weekend guys xx

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  • Very sorry that you sound poorly. We need to get you back on the recovery road. I agree with some previous points made and I think time and care is needed here. Continue to run but take it 'easy' and don't push for a while. You can regain your position in time. Drink plenty of water all the time especially before a run and eat banana for fuel plus other good intakes. Get Well Soon!

  • Hi there, first time posting. I'm a dental hygienist. So here's a few options. The propolis is a great idea. Try difflam mouthwash or spray from the pharmacy and although won't cure the ulcer it will numb the area and will heal in good time. If you get them frequently please have a check with the doctor as may possibly need a blood test. Hope that helps:o)

  • Hey!! Thanks for all the replies much appreciated!! The ulcer pain is subsiding a little finally!!! :) and finished off week 7 tonight wohoo!!!!!! Feeling much better after my run. Thanks flossjoss!! I was so worried incase it was an absess or something more serious! The wee tablets take ages to dissolve on the ulcer but seem to be working! Along with bonjela and painkillers oh and a salt water rinse xx

  • Try gargling with hot water with salt in, as hot as you can bear it, several times a day and hopefully your ulcer will heal quickly. Great that you managed to finish off W7 even when you are under the weather.

  • Hey sofa queen yep been doing that too! And thanks I just don't want to miss a run lol!xxxxx

  • Hey sofa queen yep been doing that too! And thanks I just don't want to miss a run lol!xxx

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