Twenty minutes!

Twenty minutes!

Wk 5 run 3, the one I've been dreading for about 2 weeks. The second half was better than the first half - I could easily have given up at about 7 minutes (what - do this again, twice?!), but it was all in the mind (thinking about problems at work etc, rather than the running) - I just didn't feel like making the effort anymore. But I knew I'd be really disappointed with myself, so kept going. And I thought of all the other c25kers on here who've done it before, and who said the first half was hardest (well I think they did anyway!)

Then lovely, lovely Laura had such encouraging words at about 10 minutes - I'd have hugged her if she'd been there - and I had a big smile on my face instead. Oh yes, and I quite like the music at the end, as it reminded me of Chariots of Fire!

When I finished, anyone driving past would have thought I'd lost it, waving my arms in the air! Definitely a good feeling, to get to the end. And legs feeling ok too.

I think I can see why week 6 goes back to intervals for a bit - I'm quite relieved, to be honest, even though I know some people have said it seems harder. I don't think I'm ready to face a long run again just yet. But - I did it - hurrah!


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17 Replies

  • Well done!!!

    The first half is definitely harder, once I got past 10 minutes, I kept telling myself that it was only another 5 minutes, then another 3, then 1...

    I agree with Laura's encouragements, she helps me overcome the tired mindset and convinces me I can do it. I've tried running to my own music, or running for distance, but it just ain't the same :0)

  • Well done! Yes, the second half is definitely much easier than the first half. I remember having a major wobble around 5-10 mins.

    Glad you cracked it, it really is mind over matter :)

  • The first 10 or so minutes of every run for me stinks! I also agree, the last half of a run goes by so much faster! That I can say...YOU KNOCKED IT OU T OF THE PARK GREENY! :-) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! See how easy peasy that dreaded 20 was?? ;-) You are well on your way of earning that beautiful badge!! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks team!

  • Well done Greenlegs - it sure feels good. That was the hard bit done with and now you know you can do it.

  • Hmmm - but is it? Just look at all those 'week 6 day 1 is horrible' threads! I'm hoping it'll be okish though, as I did some extra on my earlier week 5 runs, so I've actually already done the equivalents of wk 6 days 1 and 2, but... I'll just have to wait and see!

    It's a great feeling that I'm properly into the second half of c25k now. Lovely feeling.

  • Just take it slow and'll do great!! Gayle

  • Well done you! I didn't find week six anymore difficult but I always find the first 5 minutes hard and the last half a lot better - I think because I turn round at the half way point and I know I'm on my way home!

    Congratulations, there will soon be a green badge by your name I'm sure! :-)


  • Well done green legs! Only 4 weeks til graduation, go girl.

  • Well done greenlegs, that's the first big one done and dusted!! :) Now running for 30 mins actually seems achievable doesn't it?

    The first 10 mins of a run have been referred to as the toxic ten and I think that's true for a lot of runners, novice or experienced.... :O

    Now for week 6......just take it slow and you will be fine. Good luck!


  • Thanks everyone. :)

    Mmmm. The toxic ten. A good one to remember! Thanks for the reminder to take it slow too. Stamina is much more important for now.

  • Another one here who would say first half is tougher. It definitely takes me around 10 minutes to get into my run.

    Well done on completing it though and pushing through! Gotta love Laura's encouragement.

  • Delighted for you Greeners, well done.

  • Well done! You will be fine and it only has to be done once so just relax and as Gayle said take it steady. Enjoy!

    Jems :)

  • Congratulations, greenlegs :)

    I've enjoyed reading your blog a lot so really pleased to see you hit the first big milestone.

  • Thank you. Onward and upward! :)

  • Well done! I will be thinking of you and Chariots of Fire then when I make it to W5R3!

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