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Well last night I hurt my knee. I was doing my normal run, listening to Laura doing W9 and thinking I may push on to do the full 5k. First 5 minutes was hellish! I don't know about the rest of you but I always find it hard and coupled with the freezing temperature and the snow lashing my face it was worse then usual!

Anyway that said things got easier and I was beginning to feel comfortable and had a good rhythm. However after about 10minutes my left knee began to stiffen. I gave it a couple of minutes hoping it would improve but as it got worse I slowed to a walk. Decided to be on the safe side I should walk home. I'd run for 13 minutes and covered 1.8 k.

Got home and after defrosting in the shower (it was a long and cold limp home) I elevated my leg and iced my knee hoping that it would feel much better in the morning.

Ow! This morning my knee is much more painful, so much so I've been to have it checked out. Doctor thinks no major damage just muscular. So now I am sat at home, leg raised stinking of deep heat! Hopefully a few days off will cure it.

Already feeling frustrated at the thought of not being able to run!


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Ouch Viki!!! I feel your pain! I have a knee that gives me pain! I found running with some sort of support seems to help. We can get a product here in the States called Zim's Max-Freeze. Ir was suggested to us by a husband/wife team who run Marathons. I rub it on, then apply the support before every run. Sending quick healing thoughts your way!! Gayle


My marathon running friend swears by the deep freeze. You can get it in Boots near the deep heat. Hope you feel better soon.


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