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First blog, be gentle! C25K

So I started the c25k five weks ago but have only seen these blogs which are great as suddenly you dont feel alone plodding to Laura!

Firstly a bit about me I`m 41 asthmatic and diagnosed COPD sufferer so not the greatest of starts but hey ho.

Before Xmas I weighed in at 89.9Kg (13stone 13lbs) and at only 170cm (5` 7") I could feel the unhealthyness i.e leaning on the bannister when walking a flight of stairs!!

Already yesterday I weighed in a 85kg (13 stone 5lbs) and have only cut out the rubbish snacks and quit alchohol and I`m amazed!!

So somehow I came across this and here I am at week 5, the last 4 weeks have been ok, its remarkable how gasping on the 1 minute runs on week 1 seems like a lifetime ago ( I say run, plodding is more like it) all my running is done on a treadmill as the cold air is a killer on my lungs and the gym is warmer! In the spring/summer i do plan to run outside and look at a couple of 3k runs to do.

I have now though picked up a chest infection that`ll knock me out for about 5 days, so I guess it`ll be a case of re-doing week four first before moving on but Im in no hurry the joy is moving and loosing weight.

Anyway great to see others struggle too, it weird the euphoria you get from not stopping but its definitely a buzz.

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Hi Tony, welcome to the forum. It's very friendly and supportive here :)

Well done on the weight loss, that's brilliant. Hopefully you are starting to feel the benefits- who'd have thought that exercise could give you more energy? :D

I'm about to start week 7 but I chickened out this morning. I'm very much an outdoor runner, I like getting out in the fresh air but I don't fancy running down a bumpy snow-covered country road.


You starting weight is what I am aiming for ... and we are the same height!!!

Well done on your progress!


Well done Tony, it is amazing when you look back isn't it. Hope he chest infection is better now. :)


Well done for doing the first few weeks on your own - I'm not sure I wouldn't have given up without the support on here. (I'm almost at the end of week 5 now - the 'big one' to come tomorrow, snow permitting.) Hope you'll be well enough to get going again soon.


Thanks for the kind comments its refreshing reading the blogs on here and realising that I`m not the most unfit person in the world, in the gym there are people running at a fast pace for an absolute age and it is kind of disheartening to be plodding along next to them gasping!!

Still we will all get there eventually, glad i found this place.


I think it takes a lot of nerve to go to a gym to get fit - I'd far rather be getting fit outside in the dark or the rain any day! Gyms are scary places that remind me too much of school PE, and being useless. Running slowly on my own is relaxing. I really admire gym users!


I know what you mean about the gym but I also see people who are overweight and struggling and personally I always admire them and give them a silent cheer. Lets hear it for the heavies ( of which I am one), at least we are doing something about it!


Welcome along Tony. Hopefully you will find it a place where you can share the good and bad. There will almost always be someone who has felt the same and be able to advise if its a bad day, and we all love to celebrate the good!

Good Luck with the rest of the program.


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