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Goodbye Week 1 - Hello week 2

Saturday morning signalled my final run of week 1 - something that I wasn't sure I would be saying after the first 60 second run on day 1 !!

Week one was a bit of a mixed bag for me. The initial session was tough to begin with but by the time I reached the last 2 runs I was starting to get into my stride. Session 2 was the best out of the 3 for me - again the first couple of runs were tough but the rest was really enjoyable. The third session was by far the toughest. Even though I had left a days rest in between my calves and ankles were still quite stiff from the Thursday night. I had hoped they would ease off as I got into the run but it never happened! I really struggled for the last few runs because my legs were so sore - on the plus side I was nowhere near as out of breath as I had been on the previous 2 sessions and it did feel great to complete it.

My legs are feeling 10x better today so bring on tonight and the first session of week 2. How hard can it be!.......right?

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The hard part is over, parsmad, well done! Week 2 is just a natural progression - if you can do week 1 then you can complete the whole programme. Listen to Laura and listen to your body. There is no rush to finish the programme, take it steady. Good luck. :)


Thanks Oona,

Completed run 1 of wk2 tonight. It was a bit more of a struggle than last week but managed to compete without stopping. Onwards and upwards :-)


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