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Quit eating sweets and started C25K, w4 starts tomorrow!

Hi all,

This Saturday marks three weeks for me without any sweets or chocolates. A huge achievement for me since I've got a real sweet tooth, but it was geting out of hand.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to week 4, run 1. I was in to Running years ago but had to give it up due to problems with my knees and a hiatal hernia. Got myself a activity meter a year ago and havet been trying to get my 10K steps each days. I hope that has strengthened my knees so I will be able to carry on Running.

W3 my Running pace was around 5,30 to 6,30 min/km which I am satisfied with.

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No secret. Just got fed up on craving chocolate after breakfast (and most of the day). Having the support of DW sure helps. No sweets at home reduces the risk of falling of the wagon.

Thanks for the feedback regarding pace. I have always considered myself a very slow runner. My walking pace is between 9,30 to 11 min/km.

For week four I might try to lower the pace. I really don't want to risk unneccesary injuries. Just glad to be out Running again, I havet missed it very much.


I need to know this secret too, please!!!


Wow thats excellent, my willpower is not doing well for sweet stuff at the mo! And i agree with kittykat, thats a really good pace! :)


I wish I could contribute to this post, but I have no idea how fast per kilometre is.


I love sweets and before i moved to Chile i was eating far too many- i haven't eaten sweets for nearly 10months and you don't really miss them after a while. Good luck with the rest of the programme and hopefully the knee will behave.


Thanks all! W4R1 complete!


Excellent progress all round by the sounds of things. There are some useful knee strengthening exercises here which won't do you any harm. I used to have dodgy knees, but they are much stronger since I started running. Offroad is less shock to knees than tarmac.


My splits for W4R1 was:

7:54 / km (12:42 min/mile)

7:52 / km (12:39 min/mile)

7:25 / km (11:56 min/mile)

8:04 / km (13 min/mile)

So I have slowed down considerably.

Thanks for the Knee-exercise tips. I will print them out and put them into my training. Should I do them only on "running days" or every day?


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