Couch to 5K

Graduation plus 4 weeks

4 weeks following graduation I'm really please to say I've stuck with the programme. I set myself a target of running 30 mins 3 times a week. Pleased to say I've complete 10.5 runs, had to abandon 1 run and gave myself a pass on another having flown back from a 2 day long haul business trip.

My tech has been playing up, every time I go out with the intention of running 5k just to work out how long it takes the GPS on my phone adds extra distance. I need to upgrade!

Pleased to say breathing has improved, weight slowly reducing and even more importantly I have more energy.

Now heading for 2 weeks holiday. Next target will be to bridge to 10k

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All sounding good! Enjoy your holiday! Will you be running whilst away?

I am off to France for a few weeks... running kit is packed :)


Not really sure if I will run or not. Will take the kit and see how I feel. Off to Croatia so may be a tad too hot to run.

Enjoy France and the running.


That's good to hear. I graduated yesterday and my plan is much as yours. We have to give ourselves the occasional pass - live does happen. Have a good holiday.


Well done, it feels great completely the programme. I've continued to use the podcast for week 9. I like the encouragement every 5 mins.


Fantastic, I graduated around four months ago and I have good and not so good runs. Times when I feel amazing and other times when I drag myself round. I find if I struggle, I now allow a run walk approach - it is still moving, mostly running too and better than just going home feeling rubbish. I might run for 100 double laces, recovery walk for 100 or if I feel ok, run longer, maybe 150 or 200!


Well done :) I graduated with my first 5k four weeks ago and I've stuck to doing it 3 times a week... It takes me 40 minutes but merry week at the park run I'm knocking a minute off so did it in 36 mins on sat... Looking forward to the magic 30 mins!!!! I feel so much stronger now so am going to start extending the distance by either 5 minutes or distance (depending on how I'm feeling!!!)

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