This was me,through the tears, telling Steve back in August of 2012 I wasn't going to be able to do C25K. I wanted to, but I really didn't feel like physically I could do it. I lacked confidence to even dream of ever Graduating. The reason why I'm sharing this now? I noticed all of the newbies joining this Community and I remember being a newbie and feeling like I could never achieve the "impossible" :-(

I went on to continue the program, I committed to myself, I would not quit, no matter how difficult a run would be, I would finish it. I found this Community my 3rd week into the program and with all of the support, motivation, advice and understanding, I continued on. I found my vision of what a runner was, is so very different then what a true runner is. Its not about speed, its about building stamina over time and gaining the confidence to know you will succeed. :-)

The year 2012 was a fantastic year for me in that I decided to join C25K and I succeeded in completing the program. It is the very best decision I ever made! My goal for 2013 is to run a 10K by my 50th Birthday, May 3rd. It sounds TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to me, but I also thought C25K was impossible. :-) Who would of ever dreamed 5 short months ago, I went from lacking confidence to run 1 minute, to wanting to run a 10K??

We are all different fitness levels, some need to lose weight, others are older...the list could go on and on. Somewhere, no matter your situation, you will find someone just like you, here on this board. :-)

I now feel so CONFIDENT! I feel like I can do anything! I KNOW if I set my mind to it, I can do it! C25K has released a monster! :-) Don't you feel sorry for Steve??? He has to deal with my cocky, short self 24 hours out of the day! :-) The monster can easily be calmed with cool running pressies though... :-)

Wishing all of you a fantastic 2013!!! Gayle


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30 Replies

  • Start a list of pressies for me, my love!!! Please rank them in order of importance and cross reference them by maker and price point!! :-)

    What a beautiful blog!! You are absolute proof that running is as important to our minds and attitudes as it is to our bodies!! I always knew that you could graduate and I am just as sure now that you will complete your 10K goal! You are an amazing woman and I am Blessed to share my life with you!! You can do anything that you set your mind to!!!

    May others find as much inspiration in your blog as I have watching you over the last few months...YOU ARE A RUNNER!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • Thank you sweetie!!!! The list is on your desk. ;-) Thank you for ALWAYS being a great coach, hubby and friend. :-) You inspire me to improve even though I will never run as fast or jump as high as you. :-) Love you!

  • Thanks for posting!

    I was amazed at the start that it was not my lack of fitness holding me back, but my lack of confidence. I believe in myself a lot more now and I'm not so nervous about the 20 mins at the end of W5. Bring it on!!

  • You can do it! Just keep the right frame of mind and go slow and steady! You will smoke that darn 20 min!!!! :-) Gayle

  • Gayle, the kindness and support you are providing for newbies like me is testament alone to how far you have come and it is truly invaluable.

    Thank you, well done and go girl! Amanda x

  • Amanda, I remember feeling so overwhelmed and holding the Graduates in a "running god" like status when I started. I never, ever dreamed I could do it. I have faith in you and can just sense you will stay with the program. :-) Gayle

  • Great blog, Gayle - an inspiration not only to people just starting the programme, but also to graduates like me who have dropped off the wagon slightly. All the very best with your goal for 2013, you will do it I'm sure :)

  • Thank you Annie! We were all there once. :-) Wishing you a blessed 2013 with lots of running! Gayle

  • Hi Gayle, brilliant blog on how it is. Even though I did not graduate due to injury (reached week 9) I know that I can do this again when am fit enough to do so. Well done and keep up the good work! I turn 50 on March5th, so aim is to get back to running by then.

    Carolyn xx

  • Carolyn, all of us 50'sh people got to stick together! :-) Wishing you quick recoveries so you can get started again by the big 50! You can do it!!! Gayle

  • Lovely post and lovely reply from your hubbie. Made my eyes a bit watery... :)

  • Thank you!!!! He is a great coach and hubby! We mix at times like oil and vinegar, but he is also the love of my life. :-)

  • Great blog Gayle! Absolutely agree with every sentiment in it, particularly what you say about what a runner is. I also always felt it was "someone else" and couldn't be me and once you start to believe it can be, you feel like you can take on the world! :)

    I'm sure this blog will inspire all the new C25K-ers just embarking on their own journeys!

  • Thank you so much! You continue to be an inspiration to me as we share this journey... C25K was only the beginning! :-) Wishing you a very running filled and blessed 2013! Gayle

  • Great blog Gayle! Absolutely agree with every sentiment in it, particularly what you say about what a runner is. I also always felt it was "someone else" and couldn't be me and once you start to believe it can be, you feel like you can take on the world! :)

    I'm sure this blog will inspire all the new C25K-ers just embarking on their own journeys!

  • You have every right to feel confident Gayle. I have no doubt that you'll achieve your goal.

    The support and advice you offer to everyone on here is amazing. So thank you :-)

  • Thank you so much Isabella! We can all do this, in our own time and at our own pace...just as long as we remember, nothing can stop us if we set our minds to it. Hoping you have an awesome 2013!!! Gayle

  • A great inspiration to everyone Gayle and I think your sentiments mirror so many of us here! I am another short ar** runner/monster who has gained confidence as a result of this program and am so glad I came across it and this forum - the best thing I did last year and a great 50th birthday pressie to myself!!

    Hope the snow soon goes for you to get out and run again, after all, you have a 10k to train for now!!! Go girl and may the monster get fully fed and satisfied....!

    Sue x

  • The monster is starving this morning and left a much desired "menu" on Steve's desk! :-) Can you believe Sue, we decided to take up running as a gift to ourselves at turning 50? Can you also believe we don't regret our decision to start the program??? :-) Steve is still a "young pup" and has no idea how the thought of 50 terrifies me. No way can I change it, so I guess I better face it the best I can. ;-) Gayle

  • As Bibs says, life begins at 50! Dont be terrified Gayle. I didnt want to enter my 50's either but its not so bad and as you say its all in the mind. I still think, act and dress younger than my years (not as mutton dressed as lamb though!) and there is nothing wrong with that and Steve will keep you younger, being a "young pup" himself (you devil you!! LOL).......

    Keeping fit and being active is the best gift we can give ourselves. I look forward to celebrating with you in May (I will place an order for the pink and purple balloons right now!!) and I am sure there will be plenty of gifts to appease that monster too......

    Sue x

  • Ah Gayle!!!! Fantastic blog as always! yes, I echoed your cry to Steve back in August-is it only 4 months since we started this, and here we are today-Runners?!! :-)

    I've had a very frustrating 8 weeks out with a knee injury, but as James (Janda) says I mustn't rush back too soon. What has truly amazed me is that my weight has stayed the same! I was worried that I would regain the weight I had lost-5kgs-but no, it has stayed off despite hardly any exercise (it is difficult to walk with a very painful knee).

    Should be back in the running in two weeks I reckon. Can't wait to restart, but I'm not foolish enough to do it too soon. I have had little trots here and there, the last one on 30 seconds or so was pain free.

    Happy New year Gayle and Steve, and all the Family on the blog.

    Colette xx

  • Wishing you speedy recoveries Colette! I continue to have knee problems and I still wear a support when I run. This last run was the first time it remained completely niggle/pain free as I ran. Mine has been going on since the end of Sept. Like James said, go slow and take it easy, don't risk more damage. I am hoping you can be back running soon! As far as maintaining the weight with no running...I think the pounds came to visit me over the holidays~! we are back on plan and all of the goodies have been tossed away. Gayle

  • Thank you Gayle. Yes, very aware just how long it can take for a knee injury to recover. Usual is 3m, but can take up to 6m. I certainly won't be pushing it.

    Ahhh! poor you re weight gain. I must say I was sooo surprised not to have gained any weight at all. The scales are digital-so no cheating-and they are correct because Richard weighed himself too.

    I'm intending to do some retro walking, as that helps to strengthen the muscles supporting the knee, to start with, then progress on slowly.

    James is keeping a beady eye on me, lol!!

    Colette x

  • Well done Gayle, I'm sure you will achieve your 10k, after all life begins at 50 nowadays : )

  • :-) :-) it better begin at 50 because I'm terrified of the thought! In my mind, I feel mid-20's... I guess we are as young as we feel... Wishing you a great 2013!!! Gayle

  • Just read this! I'm 63, 64 in May, and I feel 25 (and act it too). I really do! I see a dress I like, and forget I'd be mutton dressed as Lamb-so annoying :-). When I was nursing I used to listen to the old dears and think they couldn't possibly feel that way-they did!

  • Thanks for posting, it's really fab to see so many graduates on here who are more than supportive! :)

  • Thank you!!!!! Sending wonderful vibes your way for a successful C25K program! You can do this! Gayle

  • Go Gayle! - excellent post and I hope I will be in your (running) shoes in the next few weeks.

  • I saw the subject line of your blog and decided I had to read it. I've just completed week 1 and surprised myself with being capable of running for the 1 minute. Due to recovering from an ankle injury and the ever-so-slightly unpredictable conditions underfoot I've been using a treadmill in the gym to do my runs. I'm not sure I'll be signing up for any 10K races just yet but reading your above post has given me a little confidence boost to prepare for week 2 which will start on Monday... maybe one day I'll brave the great outdoors but right now hiding in the gym works for me :-) thanks for the inspiration!

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