Fantastic, amazing, wonderful NHS experience of c25k and Waistwise and gym induction. Why can't it be like this for everyone?

Early last year I started to have dizzy spells and blank moments. I went to my GP, who did some checks and happily didn't find anything majorly wrong except of course that we agreed that I was very overweight. He then referred me to the practice nurse for guidance on diet etc. She did that and also referred me to the Waistwise clinic, which is a 12-week programme designed to make you more aware of how to eat well, how to lose weight, and how to start exercise. As part of this, I had the opportunity to join the local gym for half-price. When I did, I was offered an introduction to the gym and a planned exercise programme tailored just for me. All this has been free. I guess the NHS consider this to be preventative medicine and it's probably cheaper than any operations I might need due to being overweight, unfit etc. But I still think it's absolutely bloody marvellous and such a shame that it doesn't appear to happen all over the country.

Anyway, I'm so glad I started c25k, and for everyone who is just starting this New Year, well done for getting out there - you can do it. Believe me, if I can, everyone can :)


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12 Replies

  • What a lovely uplifting blog! Really cheered me up - thanks Annie!

  • Awww - thanks! It just occurred to me that many people complain about the NHS - and I'm sure I have too, on occasion - but right now, they have done really well by me.

  • Everyone who constantly whinges about the NHS needs to read this. It's so lovely to see how well this has worked for you Anniemurph. I think our local Trust gives free leisure centre gym membership to people who are overweight which I think is brilliant but it definitely needs to be combined with proper programmes and information likes your experience seems to demonstrate.

    I hope the dizzy spells and blank moments have gone and you continue to benefit from a happier, healthier lifestyle. Happy New Year! :D

  • Funnily enough, taking more exercise and reducing the junk I stuff into my mouth seem to have driven away the dizzy spells and blank moments :D

    But they have done really well by me and it does appear to be missed by many people. I don't know if everyone can just ask for these things, but it's surely worth a try. Happy running, and happy New Year to you too!

  • We live in the States so we are not familiar with NHS other then this site. It sounds like you have had a great experience and I'm sure there are many others who feel the same. I thank NHS for offering this site! I love this Community! :-) Gayle

  • It's a great place, Gayle, isn't it? If you read the UK press there are always stories of the NHS's incompetence etc. I'm sure a lot of these are true and people do have bad experiences, and I know things sometimes go horribly wrong, but I thought it was worth giving thanks that there are some things they do very well :)

  • Beautifully said, Annie!! I have to believe that NHS isn't the only one that deserves a bit of credit here. It seems to me that NHS provided you some tools and some opportunities, but YOU did the work!! All too often, the ones whining and complaining are guilty of not putting in the hard work, commitment and persistence that you did!! NHS did well for you, but YOU did BETTER!!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Hey, thanks for your kind words, Steve :) It does make it easier though - all credit to those who have just gone and done it without all the support I've had.

  • I absolutely agree with Steve - well done NHS for giving you the opportunity and well done you for admitting your weight was a factor, accepting the challenge and succeeding!

    It's to your immense credit that you have taken responsibility for your own health and well-being, and worked damn hard to do something about it, and great credit to the NHS that they gave you that vital help and support. Everyone wins!

  • Thanks, dottiemay - I wouldn't say that I have beaten the weight issue though :( although hopefully I am now on the downwards path! c25k has been such fun, though, and I never thought I would say that.

  • Lovely blog, Anniemurph! I agree with Steve that a lot of the credit is due to YOU, you've had the willpower and gone through hard work, ups and downs to get to achieve your goal. I also agree with your praise of the NHS - people are only too keen to knock it, and yet there are some really good things happening like C25k. I just wish more people knew about these programmes, even within the NHS people haven't always heard of them!

    Happy running! x

  • Thanks, Soozz - I witter on about c25k to just about everyone I meet, and yet many people don't know what's out there, shame really. Happy running to you too :)

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