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i did my first run on monday, which to be honest gave me a real reality check.

i am 21 and have always been sporty. but since having my daughter i went from playing sports everyday of the week to being busy 'being a mum' and not doing any.

i struggled a lot than i thought, but after i did the run i was so happy that i managed to push myself to finish it. today was my day of rest and i am looking forward to doing my 2nd run tomoz. as i know if i can complete the run once i can do it again. Onwards and upswards now!! :D

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Hi Tyler and welcome to C25K. I hope you progress well, if you follow the plan, you should be fine. I started at 47 and i am doing ok so far! Remember, if you need to repeat runs or even weeks due to you struggling thats quite ok. Enjoy, Ed x


"i know if i can complete the run once i can do it again."

That's my mantra too.

And it's very true.


thanks for commenting. im not normally one to stick at things for long periods of time :/ but seeing and feeling the comunity support on here is very encouraging. im actually looking forward to completing the nine weeks as opposed to feeling its something i 'have' to do, :)


Just take it easy and enjoy it. If you push yourself too hard, you pick up an injury or just exhaust yourself and get fed up, we don't want that! Ed x


Great, you've started. It is bound to get better, you'll be steaming along in no time,enjoy!


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