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Wk1R1...done :)


So chuffed that I managed the run today..... and it was ok.

It has left me with the knowledge that it IS do-able for me and the perfect pace for starting off. Thank the lord!!

And getting up wasn't so bad. I was up at 6, yes it was cold, but only for 2 minutes!!

Every other effort up until now has been a disaster. Now I realise that it is definitely because I tried to keep on going until I could do no more and felt defeated because it was so little, and felt sore and so unfit. This was manageable.

I have been smiling to myself all day and have even adopted the same approach with climbing the five flights of stairs to my office by doing one flight then walking the corridor to the next flight and so on to give me a breather. Normally I take the lift!

Great encouragement by you all, it is helping loads :)

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Wow, well done, that is some dedication, starting the programme is one thing but to get up and out in the cold at that time, I am truly impressed!

You should be proud!

Keep up the good work.





Well done!! Feels good doesn't it !

It was my first run today too. Am looking forward to repeating it on Wednesday :)


Hi, yes it's a great feeling to be actually doing it instead of wishing you could!!!

I wouldn't have started though, without the nudge and encouragement on here, I felt that I was too unfit and too overweight to start.

Bring on Wednesday!! Lets see how we go :)


Well done on starting the programme. Glad you took the plunge and feel so positive about the outcome. You're en-route for a fantastic journey!! :)


well done!!!

so glad you went out and did it - and survived!!! :-)

im with you on the smile front too :-)

you can do this

keep on running and blogging your progress - best of luck for your next run



Great stuff, carole! What a fantastic start you've made! Welcome to a healthier, happier you! :)


Good for you Carole, keep at it, you'll be pleased you did. :-)


well done, and how clever to adapt the program to the stairs too. Brilliant idea - we'll be seeing you in the Empire State Building vertical marathon in no time :-)




Well done - hold on to that good feeling : )


I feel less glow-y right now as the thought of the 6am start in the morning looms..... but I will be there!!


Thank you all guys, letcha know how tomorrow goes!


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