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Ok, it's only Wk1R1 but I did it!!

So, there I was all kitted out, iPhone containing podcasts at the ready & very nervous. I started off with the walk & thought 'so far, so good' & then attempted the first jog. Omg, I really struggled & thought how am I going to complete this first run?!! However, I seem to find my stride & I did it!! I'm sooo pleased & hope I can stay the course. Now I'm left wondering at what point do people start the enjoy it?!! ;) Answers on a postcard ...

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Well done for going out there and doing it!

Im on w2r3 and its hard work but the joy when you've done it is amazing.

Keep it up and pls keep us posted :-)


That's the hard bit over and done with, actually getting round to starting. Well done, hope to see you graduate in about 9 weeks!


Well done. You've done the hardest step.

I've just finished week 3 and don't understand how I'm doing it, but I am. I'm not at the "its easy" stage yet but I am enjoying the challenges.

Just keep at it.

Don't be put off by being breathy and tired. I bet your stride will feel more relaxed on your second run now you have the first one out of the way.

Good luck with your 9 week journey. Keep us updated.


Well done on starting C25K and getting out there. That really is the biggest hurdle. You'll enjoy it soon enough. Wait and see ;)


Well done for starting. You'll soon be hooked, like the rest of us. My husband has just done W1 and is already desperate to get on with his next run. Good luck, keep blogging. Everyone here is with you and wants you to succeed!


You've taken the first positive step by starting C25K. I personally found the first week the most difficult but reading through the blogs it seems like everyone is different. I couldn't run for a minute before i started, I'm nearly 60yrs old and I've made it to Wk6. if I can do it you can. It's a fantastic programme and this site is brilliant for giving encouragement and support. It makes a world of difference. happy running :-)


Well done! I felt exactly the same when I started Wk1R1. I can't say I enjoyed my first run but the feeling of achievement at the end was second to none and I felt great for the rest of the day. Sadly I only managed to complete Wk1 before disaster struck and I injured my calf muscle. That was 2 weeks ago and I haven't been able to run since. I can't wait to get back out there again. Good luck with the programme. I look forward to further updates from you.


i just finished W1R3..... I found all 3 runs to be very difficult.... but i completed them. When that voice said "slow to a brisk walk" i thought OH THANK GOD! I'm wondering if i should do week 1 again before moving on.... I don't know how I'll manage the next week :)


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