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Week two - tougher than I thought!

Hey everyone - started week 2 yesterday. Was hard! My mind was particularly not up for it - there was a lot of "this is really boring" whirling round my head. Also the thing about landing on your heels confused me - I found that was hurting my knees... so I ignored Laura *gasps*

Carried on and got through - hopefully the next one will go a little better...

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Fair play for sticking at it though, you will find those 90 second runs a bleedin' godsend very soon.

As for how to run, I think that comment on the podcast should be changed as it's clearly incorrect.


Yes, you were right to ignore Laura in this case! You are not the first person to bring it up, I'm surprised they haven't changed it yet.

Well done for finishing, it's tough when you're not in the right frame of mind.


Yep, heel-striking is a real no no!

W2r1 was my worst run in the whole programme! it was onwards and upwards from there for me and I'm sure for you too! :)


Heel striking can cause pain, it is suggested to try to land mid-foot. Some people will suggest landing on you're forefoot, for me, this hurts the bones right behind my big toe. Try to experiment as you run and you will find what works best for you. I'm a mid-foot gal. :-) Good luck on the next run! Gayle


I contacted admin about the 'heel striking' comment, and whether anyone has investigated injury rates in c25k beginners.

I got this reply:

"There's been quite a debate about heel striking vs midfoot or ball first. I'm not sure why heel striking is specifically recommended so will ask Laura about that. No follow up has been done on C25k to look at injury rates, but it's not surprising that there's a high level of injury among people on the programme because often they have never done an exercise programme before and many are not in good shape. That's obviously going to mean a higher injury rate and I think that would be the same whether heel striking is recommended or not. "

I'm not convinced the last sentence is true - so many people seem to have found heel striking uncomfortable (and loads of injuries get mentioned on here, though there's no way of knowing what has caused them). Maybe if everyone contacted admin (go to 'directory' 'admin' and then you can send a message) updating the podcast would be considered.

The podcasts are so encouraging, and used by so many people, not just on here, that it seems a real pity if they are giving advice that is counter-productive. Odd for the NHS to promote something that can cause injury!


Don't panic, goldrun, you can do this! It might seem difficult (it felt almost impossible for me) but if you stick with the programme you will make it. And yes, just run however feels best for you :)


Thanks for the encouragement! Also the advice re my feet.....


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