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A revisit to week 6 run 1

Meeting the gremlins on my last run concerned me a little. The little blighters have barely been present for the last few months so hearing them again worried me. As a result I decided to revisit week 6 before embarking on some longer runs again. As it turns out I really shouldn't have worried as I seem to have lost them again. I ran the first 5mins without so much as a puff. The break was a bit cold so I was grateful to start running again. 8 minutes felt like a breeze, and the final 5 mins like a walk in the park. I think I can embrace the idea that my body really hadn't lost as much fitness as I thought it had and get out there and start running proper again, whoo hoo.

Now to just slow myself down a little. It's a marathon (well 10k training) not a sprint.......... :-)

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Well done Anna!!! Glad those little buggers stayed away! Good luck with the training. Smhall/Steve and myself started yesterday. Gayle


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