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I've only gone and entered my first 10k race

Having not run since Boxing Day due to a sore throat, family commitments etc. In my head my New Year fitness regime started this morning however when I woke up, I really didn't feel very motivated (and always wonder whether I can still run). After a cup of tea I put on my gear and got on the treadmill. I did a 30 min interval training programme I'd got off the internet.

I decided that I needed more focus and have now found a 10k plan I think is feasible to fit into my busy family life, which is now pinned up on the wall in front of the treadmill and have entered a 10k run at Eton Dorney on 3rd March.

Can I do it? Who knows but I wouldn't have thought I could run at all in last April so I will give it a good go.

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WONDERFUL!! YES YOU CAN DO IT!! Steve and I started 10K training today and if all goes well, we should finish up the end of February. Best wishes! Gayle


Also going for my 1st 10k in May. I have bit longer to train although I suspect I will need it.


You can do it!


I was in exactly the same boat, graduated in Nov, 5k Santa run at beginning of dec & then very infrequent hard slogs since then! Lost form & confidence.

Yesterday I started my 10k training too. I used the plan on b210k but I'm using runkeeper & my own music. Managed 45mins/6.65k yesterday - hooray!! We have a local 10k on 3rd march but haven't bitten the bullet & signed up yet...maybe I will today now

Good luck!


Me too - for 24th March! Was a bit worried about committing to it, especially as I suffered my first real setback this weekend when a niggling ankle injury flared up and prevented me finishing a park run (my 3rd though so I know I can do it). However don't think it's anything a few days rest won't sort out and, like many people, since graduating I've been floundering a bit without the structure and a firm goal. So ... Plan is a couple of days rest, then a couple of fairly gentle runs later this week then start B210K next week!! Who'd have thought it?!! Good luck everyone!


Yes you can. You've already graduated; just think of it as doing that twice!!


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