Eeekkk, just entered my first 5M road race

Wasn't planning on blogging today, but just wanted to share that I've only gone and entered myself in my first race, eek, its a 5 miler in two weeks time and localish to where I live.

It's called the Lytham Green Drive 5M.

I'm planning on doing it using intervals as i'm currently doing a bridge to 10K programme and managed to run 7.94k this morning in week 2, so only 100m short of 5 miles, let hope that the next two weeks help. :-)

Can't believe how the distance is adding up with the B210K programme, my first 15 minute interval today got me so much further than I expected and definately further than the mid point at the end of the C25K plan, I can now run the prom near home and on to a lovely lake and back, I think this is one of my favorite runs, when it isn't windy, such beautiful scenary. if it's windy then have to go in land a bit!

Garmin stats for those with an interest:

B210K W2R1

B210k W2R2

Enjoy your runs this weekend :-)


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25 Replies

  • Wow Phil, you have made amazing progress, well done and good luck!

    I looked up ypur stast and the runs looks really beautiful -- lucky you whatever the weather! Can you do that stuff with a Garmin 10 (the pretty ones for ladies) or just with the forerunner?

  • See below

  • Good on you, I think signing up for a challenging (but definitely achievable) event is the best way to make progress, well done and good luck.

  • Thanks deryn, hope so!

  • Just had a look on the garmin website (techie geek here) and it looks like it does maps and stats like mine. I think the difference is the information available in run, but the stats after same...

    Is someone planning a treat?

  • Me! Gonna buy a bright green Garmin 10 soon ! I deserve it!

  • Nice choice, great colour, the pink one is a little too pink isnt it.

    Look foward to seeing your maps when you get one.

  • Well done and good luck - I have only just been able to run 5 miles last week trying to build up to the full 10K next year. :)

  • Cheers, I've not even run 5m yet, eek. But one of my mantras is what's th worst that can happen :-)

  • In my case a blister lol

  • Well done Phil! I'll come and cheer you on! I live just further up the coast from you and I'd dearly love to do it myself but still having trouble with an injury!

  • You're from the big smoke aren't you :-) any idea how long before the ankle heals?

  • The big smoke that is Blackpool! Really finding it tough, each time I think it's ok and push myself, the pain and swelling comes back!

  • That sounds tough, have you tried your GP, mine was really helpful, but I'm aware that some aren't.

  • Well done. I think it's great to give ourselves challenges every now and's what makes me get out there!

  • I've been umming and arring all week, someone at work told me about it and I thought they said it was 5k and I thought I'll do it, then I saw it was 5M and that was a different matter, well here goes :-o

  • You will be fine! If I can do it you can! I have my first 10k race next sunday... Will be adopting a run /walk/run strategy! It's all about getting round and most importantly having fun.... Please remind me of this next week when I start to get v nervous

  • Have a fantastic time, I will remind you in the week that you can do it :-)

  • Excellent progress, Phil!!! 5K...5M...How bad could it be??? I mean K and M are only two letters away from each other in the alphabet!!!

    You can do this!! You have been a marvelous source of rock solid running advice for Gayle and me!! I have faith in you!!

  • Thank you both for your belief and kind words :-)

  • ha ha, I love your thinking, 'K and M are only two letters away from each other'

  • 5K...5M??? You can do it Phil!!!! :-) you continue to inspire me!!!

  • Thank you both for your belief and kind words :-)

  • It sounds like you will be more than ready for this challenge in a couple of weeks, well done for making the commitment. Good luck!

  • Cheers, let's hope so :-)

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