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Lead legs = difficult run

Don't you just hate it when your legs turn to lead during a run. I felt like I was dragging around a couple of elephant size limbs today that had my feet and body resisting the movement.

Managed to have a few walking breaks in the vain hope that the lead would disappear, but despite this the lead stayed the whole way till the last 15 mins. What a dream as I sailed along the last of the run.

So not out of breath, but wonder if I a running with too much weight. Though it could be a bit of dehydration, only I cup of tea before the run.

Despite this 10.23km covered, but just wish it had been easier than this.

Anyway keep up the good runs everyone, I just know now some of them can be every so hard to achieve.

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10km on one cup of tea! No wonder your legs felt like lead! Bananas rule!


Crikey, I'm impressed! If you can do this on one cup of tea, what might you achieve when you are hydrated and fed? :) All the best for your next run,



10k is brilliant - especially if you were dehydrated! I hate it when a run is really hard - although I have yet to experience a really easy run!!! Lucy x


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