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629 graduates on this site!

Just rootling about on this site - found in the directory that you can list all the graduates - there are now 629. According to the heading, "Graduate are people who work for Couch to 5K" - I suppose in effect you do work for c25k, because you all promote how effective it is!

And there are many others who have done the programme without registering on here - I know someone at work who did it last year, which is how I first heard about it.

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:-) Amazing, huh? We try to encourage everyone who notices we are now running. Its the greatest thing smhall/Steve and myself have done. Imagine all the grads who have never requested a badge. When I joined, there were about 400 members, we are now over 3500!!!! NHS/C25K ROCKS!!! :-) Gayle


It's all Bxsters fault!

Ahh where are they now..........?


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