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Where did that come from?

Having completed the nine weeks I was struggling to decide what to do next. For the first run I just did another of the week 9 runs. Today I looked at the C25K+ podcasts, and I eventually decided to go for the stamina one. I found the cadence somewhat higher than I've been doing, and had to shorten my stride and take smaller more rapid steps. Surprisingly I did not tire as quickly, and found the first 30 minutes quite comfortable. The last 5 minute burst was quite difficult but, I completed 5.3K in the 35 minutes. I was really pleased with this because it was the fastest and furthest that I have run so far. I can now believe that it does get better. I might even have enjoyed todays run.

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You must be really chuffed with yourself. I'm wondering what to do after my last run at the weekend. I might give it a go.


I am quite chuffed, especially because I felt pretty good for most of the run. If you're like me then you'll require some structure and targets. I plan to work some routine around the podcasts in the hope that they'll increase my speed and stamina. I'll also be entering the park run in the next couple of weeks.

Best of luck with the last run.


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