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Week one, completed

Well, here I am again. My thanks to all those who posted encouraging and helpfull comments after my first blog.

Managed to fit in run 3 of week 1 this afternoon.

Conclusion. R3 was easier than R1 & R2. Which although that might seem obvious to most people, did surprise me! On R1 it took sheer will power to continue after 4th 60sec jog. On R2 90sec walks definitely NOT brisk. Today got to the end without wishing it would end, and 90sec walks slightly faster than R1 & R2.

Future plans and actions. Plan to "run" Mon, Weds & Sat. Leaving Thurs or Fri for Golf or Gym. Despite my first blog I will now go on to Week 2. It's now or never!

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Well done you. Fantastic going. :)


yay you did it.........well done and good luck with week two.... definitely 'now' go for it. :-)


Keep on running! :)


Congratulations on finishing one of the hardest weeks.....keep going you're doing great (to quote Laura!) ;)


Well done. :-)


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