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So today was the first day back at the gym in 13 days. Christmas and then a cold had prevented me from getting there.

2 weeks ago, I was running 25 minutes. So close to the end! Today I only managed 15; I went very light headed and dizzy and thought it was best to stop at that point.

I think it might be the remnants of my cold - it's now 2 hours later and I feel much worse than I did this morning; my sinuses are all in pain and I have suddenly developed a tickly cough.

It's just annoying because I have been feeling so lethargic so couldn't wait to get back on the program and now I feel like I've regressed 2 weeks!

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Hi Nikki, did you get a decent meal before you went out?


Yeah I did - I have a tendency towards dizziness ever so occasionally (my blood pressure is fine) so it wasn't that unusual, just frustrating!


You will keep a decent amount of fitness for 10 days after you last exercised. After not doing any for 13 days and eating and boozing after christmas and having a cold I would be more suprised if you were just as fit as when you last did something! You'll need to take a step back and rebuild your fitness levels back to what they were previously.


Hugs to you Nikki! Sounds like the bug is still there or he had a friend join him. I hope you feel better soon. We recently went 20+ days with no running. It amazed us that we retained most of our fitness. We ran the same as usual, just at a slower pace. Take it easy on yourself and get better first. Wishing you a great 2013. Gayle


Don't be downhearted, Nikki. Once you feel better and get back into good habits your fitness will soon build back up again. Think back to all you've achieved since week 1, this is just a minor setback. Look after yourself. :)


Just a thought - if you're doing it at the gym, I imagine you're on a treadmill? Did you have it at the same pace as before? Gayle's suggestion of a slower pace for a bit might help you to keep going longer, once you've really shifted the cold?


Hi Nikki,

I think your cold is still around perhaps take some cough mixture for the tickly cough, I found Benylin Chesty cough very good. I'm having a lot of problems with my sinus and hay fever, I suffered so much with W4R1 my sinus was very painful afterward and had to take an extra day off before I'd done W4R2 which I've just finished ten minutes ago the extra day off helped.

Try taking some vitamin C with food and rest until you are fully recovered before you do the next run.

Take care


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