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Week 9, run 1

Have not blogged here since W5R3...oups!

Overall until now, week 6 was really the hardest.

Just ran run 1 of week 9. Last 2 runs to come...

If all goes well and I run tuesday & thursday I will graduate exactly 3 months after I started.

A little late in schedule, 3 weeks late. Better late than never I guess?

A bit disappointed I will not be able to run 5K in 30min, tried really hard to reach this goal.

5.23k in 40 mins today warm up/down walks not quite there yet.

So excited to finish!!!


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Sounds like you're doing really well to me! I graduated today and can't yet manage 5k in 30 mins - but I know I'm well on the way. I repeated some of the middle weeks several times to build stamina - so just 3 weeks late is good in my books - I think a lot of people get delayed one way and another.

best of luck for your last two runs!


Only a few more runs left!!!!!! :-) Very few people can actually do a 30 minute 5K at Grad time. I Graduated in October and am still far off from the 30 minute mark, but I can run 45 minutes and beyond if I need to. Speed will eventually come. :-) I agree with you, week 6 was the absolute worse in my books as well! Congratulations, soon to be Graduate!!!!!!! :-) Gayle


Look at you go, Gizele!!! You are almost ready to request that beloved badge!!! :-)

Please, no disappointment about not completing a full 5K in 30 minutes. That is a different milestone if you ask me. It sounds like a great goal to go for after you graduate!! You have moved from running for 1 minute to 30 minutes!! Now, that is what I call progress!!!

Enjoy your final two runs of the program!! It is a remarkable journey that you are about to complete!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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