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Sports psychology on the not-so-flat fens

Week 3 run 1, in the fens (visiting family). Somehow I managed to start my first interval on the only slope for miles, over a disused railway bridge. Then the next one was my first 3 minute run. I knew I'd done 2 1/2, in a fit of enthusiasm at the end of the last run of week 2, but about a minute into it I was really starting to think 'This is too much!'.

Then I remembered someone's blog last week about the long 20 minute run (week 5???), and finding out that they'd only done 5 minutes when they thought they'd done 10, and how it was the toughest bit. So that helped me keep going, and I was so pleased when I got to the end of it. The second 3 minutes was actually much easier than the first one.

I also now know what Laura's 'hedge' comment is about, having read various mysterious comments about it on here! Most of my route didn't have hedges, but that bit did, which was convenient. It was very windy on the non-hedged bits, but lovely and sunny - and the bits with rose-hips looked glorious with the sun shining on them.

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I love the hedge comment! Glad it went well.


Beautifully done, green!! I think that you realized something very important in this run. Sometimes, our bodies tell us that we are struggling, but if we can get our minds in the game, we can overcome the struggles!! I believe that this program is as much about mental strength and endurance as it is about physical strenth and endurance!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Well done! I found once I was into the longer runs, the second half of a run ALWAYS goes faster then the first half!! You will be amazed as you add on the minutes and make it to the dreaded 20,.. just how prepared your body is...its just convincing the brain!!! I still refer back to Laura's hedge comment at times as I'm running! :-) You are doing great! Keep it up!!! Gayle


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