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Pheeeeeew! Week 8 and back on track

Hi all, hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

After a week off I have finally started week 8. I was really worried about getting back to running after a shocking week 7. And then there was all the festivities, never knowingly under indulged! So, I've been itching to get back to it.

I went out today in the pouring rain and had a fantastic run. Streaming rain, muddy puddles and me. I am so relieved. I think have a cold and running really laid me lower than I thought in wk7, but all much better now. So happy ?? can't wait for run 2. Only 5 more runs to graduation - wow!!

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That sounds good!


Beautifully done, Tish!! You are clicking off those runs and you will be requesting that "Graduate" badge before you know it!! I am glad that you were able to follow a rough W7 up with a very good W8R1!!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks, I have one big smile on my face. Phew is an understatement! Rock on wk8 run2!!! :))


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