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Stepping Stones - a second attempt

I graduated from C25K at the beginning of November, and tried the Stepping Stones podcast the following week. Abject failure! I was nowhere near the speed required - I managed 5 minutes running alternating with five minutes walking, but that was it.

I went back to repeating Week 9 of C25K, and gradually over the last few weeks I have found that it has become easier. So today I decided to risk Stepping Stones again. The difference was marked - the first running speed seemed manageable, and I kept going for all but the last five minute run - I just started my cool down walk early instead. I found the general level of breathing etc. similar to how I was when running the final few weeks of C25K, so I am optimistic that I will be able to run for the full time after another couple of sessions.

I'm feeling the same sense of achievement that I was whilst doing C25K, so it's been a great boost to my confidence!

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Thanks for sharing that, and I really admire you for keeping going, rather than giving up, which I'm sure could have been quite tempting at this time of year. It is really interesting to see how other people motivate themselves, and get over hurdles (now that really would be a challenge!)


Great going!!!!! I graduated the first part of October and like you, I find I stay motivated by creating new challenges. I bet you will have an amazing next run! Wishing you a blessed 2013 with lots of running! :-) Gayle


Thank you for posting this, it's very encouraging! Like you, after I graduated I tried Stepping Stones, but it was way too hard. I've been sick with one thing or another since graduation, but this gives me hope that once I'm back to where I was I can push on and conquer Stepping Stones soon!


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