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Graduate running shirt under the tree

Hello All

I haven't signed in for a while, all the usual excuses. The run up to Christmas is so busy and too busy to run what with the cold that lingers, shopping, cold spell then socialising. Yes you have heard it all before.

Anyway under my tree was a pink graduate shirt, something I have been wanting ever since they came available. For anyone still thinking of purchasing I have the xxl and I am towards the top end of size 14. It's a bit big and I am sure I could have got the xl but too much room is better than too little. ( especially when you have attacked the chocolates the way I have).

Once Christmas and all its laden treats are over I am going to have to start again. I haven't decided from which week yet, maybe I will go from week one and just do one session then move onto week two for the first few until I begin to find it difficult.

I don't need to worry yet as I have another week of social over indulgence until I get back on the plan. I do admire all of you who are talking about your Christmas Eve run or your Boxing Day run. I have to admit the weather is perfect. Enjoy and I will join you again soon in the new year.

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How lovely to have your shirt. Mine is also a bit big, they are a generous cut, but better too big than too small, as you said.

I wouldn't worry initially about which week. Why not set yourself a target of minimum 20 minutes 'exploratory' jog, take it really slowly so that you don't injure yourself, see how your body feels and if you find you can keep going, extend it to 30 minutes. You'll be surprised that even after a few weeks off you will have lost very little of your fitness, it will come back within a few runs. If 20 minutes is enough then at least you know which point to start over at :-)

Good luck, however you decide to approach your come back. Remember, the important thing is getting back out there again, not how far or how fast you run!


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