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All I want for Christmas is lyrics

I've got to start this off with a confession. I love words. I read a lot, I write a lot, I talk a lot. Language interests and inspires me. I think this is part of the reason I am finding week 4 such a struggle, I HATE music with no lyrics. I can’t get lost in a repetitive beat but if there are some words, no matter how dodgy, I can at least distract myself a little. This week there was nowhere to hide.

As much as I'm giving myself props for the Christmas day running (Comm-IT-ted!) I was unimpressed with my efforts. I finished (just) but psychologically I wasn’t feeling very improved and I definitely took the easy options on several occasions, avoiding the hills in favour of gentle slopes.

The last 5 were the absolute worst! I forced myself to finish because I kept telling myself if you quit now you’ve to do this one more time and all this work will be wasted. But, excepting the slight smug satisfaction of finishing, I didn’t enjoy it one bit which does make me sad.

Oh and my calves hurt like crazy! This is new, they felt like they were so tight they might rip or something. I powered through but with genuine trepidation. All in all not a very happy Christmas run … but at least there was mulled wine at the end.

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Hi ty i know what you mean, i am on W4R2 and struggling if i am honest. Is it due to the

longer runs? I will think of you on R3 and mentally urge you on. Good luck, Ed x

p.s. arent these adverts annoying?


Well done on your run, you CAN do this! I found all the music annoying (I have a very very low threshold for repetitive poppy type music, been an old fogey since I was about 11 years old!), I think that was a major factor in my pushing myself to complete each session, the thought of having to repeat and therefore having to listen to the tracks even once more spurred me on :-P


I'm a musician and I neeed songs to keep me going too- I downloaded rundouble so I can listen to my favourite tunes while I run (Pearl Jam- Alive is always the final song on my running soundtrack ;) ) and you still get the run/walk/run prompts. I used to pick songs that matched my pace.

Hope your next run is better!


Thanks guys, I'm dreading the next one if im honest cause im working 2 long days (my work involves walking up and down and back and forth for pretty much 9 hours solid) so dont know how my legs will hold out! Nice to know I'm not alone in my struggle with Lauras musical tastes though! Might have to give that rundouble a try :) x


Am also with you on the music, you will love the longer runs later, when you can ditch laura if you are brave enough ;-)

We all have a run like this from time to time, but a bad run is better than no run (where did I hear that before? :-) ) I think I also blipped a bit on week 4, it was a struggle but if you push through it you will come out the other side feeling very proud of yourself and making great progress. The walking at work will just keep everything supple, ready for your next run ;-)

Everything crossed here for you to have a great next run xx


Also on week 4 and finding it a struggle - can't seem to do the final 5 minutes. Today I was rubbish - couldn't even finish the first 5 minutes, might have been due to the number of people I met - all of whom said good morning and happy christmas - perhaps the usual empty streets and morose people are better for running. However, also struggled with week 3 and eventually cracked it so maybe hope for me if I keep on going. Agree about the music - singing in my head definitely helps.

keep on with it and will be better next time


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