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PBs and trots in the park

A great running week for me this week and I'm really grateful indeed. I went for a more ambitious run the other day, a circuit from my house, in the rain, and completed 4.4 miles (longest continuous distance) in 46 minutes (longest continuous time). While I was running, I was thinking about some of you on here who are currently laid up with injuries and flu :-( and realised that (touch wood) I have been pretty lucky so far, with one bout of flu and a broken toe to stop me running, but nothing so far that was actually running related. I hope it lasts. My ankles are beginning to feel the longer runs and I can feel that my posture isn't quite balanced, so I'm off to sweatshop between xmas and new year to have my analysis done so that I know what sort of shoes to buy (hopefully there will be a sale on soon). Back to the run, it had some hilly bits at the beginning, and my confidence is definitely growing. One hill was very steep, although fairly short (but following a gentle incline for some distance before hand) and I was puffing and could really feel my quads by the time I got to the top, but I felt like it was a real achievement to make it to the top! :-D

Yesterday my daughter and I deided to do this morning's park run if the weather was still ok - it rained all night (woke me up at 5 and 6am too, it was so loud), so needless to say she was not so keen this morning, especially after another late night. So I went back to bed. Half an hour later I woke up and thought "no, I want to run, I have to run today anyway, let's see if I can still make it". So I set off, made my morning cuppa in a portable cup, grabbed a banana and some water and set off. I made it in plenty of time, it was still raining, but down to a very light drizzle.

The Bushy Park parkrun is very friendly, well organised and I had a lot of fun. It was quite hard work, very tricky on some of the corners and my feet were soaked within the first 1K (note to self, take spare shoes and socks for afterwards, lol). I was hoping to finish in under 30 minutes but set myself under 35 minutes, given the conditions (it wasn't a safe day for PBs). So, I will see what the official time is, but my garmin says I did it in 31:17. I did try to push for the sub-30 minute when I rounded the penultimate corner, but just didn't have the energy and the had to slow considerably for the last corner. All in all, I'm chuffed to bits that I went along, and I achieved a very respectable time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and met some lovely people/families at the tea wagon afterwards. I'm looking forward to the next one now :-)

I hope everyone is doing well, enjoying the running where you can fit it in among all the preparations for the holidays. And I hope all those who are sick or injured are well again very soon!


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Sounds like a fantastic week :-)


it was, thanks :-)


That is (another) brilliant post, you are a star, huge well done on getting out there in the rain and doing that parkrun x


awww, thanks, it's like childbirth, don't think about what you have to go through, think about how you will feel at the end of it ;-)


Well done fr getting out there - I was tempted to ignore the alarm this morning but was glad I went for a run after all.

Good time for the park run too :-)


thank you! And well done back at ya! :-)


Brilliant, well done, Vix. I am running precariously through you and all the others who haven't been brought low by the lergy! V xx


awwww, I hope that you will be back out there again soon.

I will need to get out again tomorrow morning, I think (if I have time, as done NO xmas food shopping as yet and am meeting a friend at 11am for a walk) as I went to the pictures this afternoon, and not only ate junk food with banana milk shake, but I spent almost the entire (very long) film (The Hobbit) eating sweets, chocolate and popcorn. I felt quite sick afterwards. It's going to take several good runs to work that lot off, bad me :-(


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