1st Parkrun, I did it

Well after a good few weeks thinking about it this morning in the pouring rain I ventured out with my friend to our local Parkrun. I came 191st and my friend came 196th out of 243. The last 500 metres were tough and I very nearly threw up , only the man taking photos of me for the website stopped me but my time was 30 mins dead so I'm well chuffed.

Happy Christmas everyone Allie

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  • Well done allie that's a great first time especially given the horrendous weather today! I did my first stint as a marshal today & enjoyed it despite our weather being rather savage, I can't recommend Parkrun enough. :-)

  • Really well done allie! I've just been working out how long it would take me to do a parkrun (walking almost all of it) - 53 minutes! (Which is exactly the time that it took me to a 5k Race for Life a couple of years ago - but loads of people walked that, so I was nowhere near the back.)

    Hope you don't ache too much tomorrow!

  • Wow well done you did brilliantly and especially with such rubbish weather it would have been perfectly understandable to cry off! I am aiming to get under 30 mins for my parkrun (33 mins currently) but this chest infection will have put paid to my Xmas day attempt for a pb in Cardiff. Never mind, onward and downward!

  • nooo, onward and upward ;-) Don't think we hadn't spotted that, young lady!

  • Ha ha :-) When I say "onward and downward" I mean getting my 5k time down below 30 mins!

  • aha, I missed that, not one of my sharper days ;-)

  • Ah thanks guys, i still can't quite believe I actually did it ??

  • well done! I did my first one this morning too, they are great, aren't they! Well done on your time, I couldn't quite squeeze the 30 minutes, just over, but there is always the next time! :-)

  • Wow! Well done - 30 mins is a great time, particularly in this weather. Joining my local parkrun is going to be my New Year resolution :-)

  • They're really great and everyone was friendly and encouraging Took me weeks to pluck up the courage to actually go but I'm so glad I did

  • Hi alliec thats an amazing time for your first Parkrun, i stagger around in

    about 35 mins! I didnt go today as we really needed to get xmas pressies!

    Pity cos i really wanted to run but i will try and get out tomorrow. Good

    luck allie, Ed x

  • Well done! I'm aiming to do a Park run in the New Year hopefully it will be as successful as yours.

  • Well done Allie - thats a great time. I bet you're glad you've started doing Park Runs, they sound so encouraging. Wish they had them here in France. Merry Christmas, you deserve it!

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