W8R0 - The best laid schemes o' mice an' men

"Gang aft agley" or "all go to mouse sh*t where running's concerned" (apologies to Mr Burns).

A week last Sunday I was doing so well on the last run of week 7 in Texas but what I hadn't realised was that it didn't get light until 7:30 and with meetings starting at 8:15 it was just impossible to get in my next run. I did consider the evenings but with temperatures hitting the low 80s (26/27c) it was just too hot to run.

California wasn't much better and by then I was in the leader's chair so my mind was rather elsewhere. Arriving back late Saturday I was determined to get out on Sunday morning, except I didn't see Sunday morning because I slept right through it. Oh well, Monday morning, same story, I was quite chirpy at 3:30am this morning, maybe I should have gone out running in the dark ? But come the usual British wake up time I was dead to the world.

I've mentioned before that I don't like lunchtime runs and so I don't know what possessed me (other than panic) to imagine that I would be good for 28 minutes, suffice to say I wasn't, my second crash and burn of the programme. Still, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'll go out Wednesday morning when I should be properly back on UK time and kick W8R1 into touch.

As much as I like the travel there's no place in the world like the UK and I'm glad to be home.

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  • Welcome back, Chewy. Don't be too hard on yourself, your body clock is bound to be messed up with the changes in time zones. Good luck for the proper W8R1.

  • Thanks Oona, you're absolutely right, I'll get my rhythm back and carry on.

  • Welcome home, Chewy. Yopu are brave attempting a run with jet lag. Don't beat yourself up, you'll be back again in no time!

  • Thanks Pele, your words of encouragement are very welcome :)

  • Jet lag is awful and catches you when you're not expecting it / think you're over it. I'm sure that's why your run went "agley". Wouldn't worry about it, your body's been through a lot of environmental and time changes plus all the stress of work. You'll be fine once you've recovered.

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