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Sunday afternoon quickie ;-)

Now, now! ;-) Today I was due to do speed training, but decided last night that I would just go for a run for as long as I felt like running (minimum 35 minutes though). However, when I woke up, my friend called, we haven't spoken for weeks, what with her house rebuilding project and my brother's funeral, so we spent over an hour on the phone. By which time I was starving and I knew a banana would not be enough to get me through a run, so I gladly took the bacon and egg sandwich I was offered (I know! very naughty). After a lazy morning, I suddenly didn't have time to run, as we were going to the pictures, so I decided to squeeze in a quick speed training podcast.

Very glad I did! As soon as I stepped outside with my running gear on, a big grin planted itself across my face. Its just such a good feeling. The grin was wiped off by the time I completed the fourth interval at 165 bpm, but by then I was over half way through, so no problem. I did the cool down walk on the way home and had the fastest shower in history, grin restored. We were still too late to go to the cinema, despite my shorter session, so instead we went to pizza express (2nd time in a week, very, very naughty!) and had a bit of a feast and a large glass of wine.

Never mind, I reckon I earned it :-D Happy running everyone.

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Sounds like a pretty perfect day, vixiej! :)


it was pretty good, thanks oona :-)


Nice one :)


thanks :-)


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