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So glad that I did - it is now pouring with rain so woudl not have gone had I waited half an hour. Was not so bad - aches are there but that just has to be the shock to my poor old body as I shake it up - hoping they will go away in time. I have no idea what delights Laura will bring for week 3 and I will keep it as a surprise for monday morning! Have a great weekend everyone.

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Good for you! Going out in the rain, that's determination ;)


Fair play Shaky.

Word of advice, don't read my blog after tomorrow's Week 3 first run if you don't want to know what it entails.


Thanks for the advice - I will be tempted but will keep the "surprise" for monday.....good luck to you tomorrow.


Cheers Shaky.


Well done, shakylegs! Feeling the glow yet? :)


Welcome to W3, shaky!!! No worries about what W3 will bring!! That is the nice part about this program, it will always have you prepared for the next challenge. Granted, there are times when we may not believe that we are ready, but our bodies are. So very often, it is much more of a challenge for our minds than for our bodies!! You are doing wonderfully and will continue to!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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