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Has anyone used one of these

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I saw this advertised and wondered how good it is. I need to invest in something to carry a small water bottle and jelly babies/gels. I am not sure about something around my waist but this could work? See what you think. I'd love feedback if anyone has one.


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I have a £5 running belt from Sports Direct. I wear it around my waist. My daughter wears similar around her hips. 2 x Zip compartments. I am about to buy similar (Karrimor) that also has 2 water bottles £8.75. On a longer run i carry dates, phone, car key if needed.

Will the one you looking at feel ok against your tummy if/when you get sweaty?

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Not this.. I have a running belt...I have a belt for short runs..very light.. carries phone, polos and keys..


and one that carries two bottles for longer runs :)


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skysue16Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Both of these belts look really good, thanks for posting the link :)

I used to use a running belt when I was doing really long OCRs. I went through quite a few trying to find one that was practical to access, was comfortable and durable enough to last more than a few races.

The best I found were the Ultiate Direction Scott Jurek one and a super cheapo Karrimor one that was ugly but indestructible.

The one you link to looks a bit awkward to access and I would be very reticent about something that attached to my belt by use of magnets.

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That looks interesting, but I'd be concerned, that it would stay in the same place and would feel a bit odd, I.e unbalanced as I ran.

I've got the zikee two bottle one - as shown by Oldfloss 😄, for long runs and love it, I used to wear it on my hips, but am now quite happy with it around my waist - and I wear it with the bottles at the back. I've got another more expensive one, but I find the zikee one the best. It's got a great sized pouch will take any size of smart phone and gels/jelly babies etc., I do tend to use it on all my training runs - apart from parkrun, as I'm generally doing at least 10k regularly now.....

I've also got a couple of different size karrimor 'bumbags' , and use them depending on what I might have to carry in 'races' etc.,

Hope you find something you like.


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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Madge50

It is super.. I love my Zikee too :)

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Sandraj39Graduate in reply to Madge50

I also have the Zikee belt for long runs but don't use it in races as a I use the drink stations instead of carrying my own.

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Interesting post - I have been thinking about getting a belt with space for bottles because the races I have been in give out bottles at the water stations and I hate wasting it (only need a sip not a whole bottle!). The one Floss gave a link to looks really good. Not sure about magnets, seems clever idea but not much space?

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Blimey there is a lot to choose from. It would be great if you could 'try before you buy'. The magnet idea seems great to not have something around my waist but I can see some potential issues. Mmm what to do...

Best thing I have found for storing gels in is a dustbin.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Rignold

Err... Rig... what are the gels? Am I, as usual, missing some vital piece of running knowledge ?

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Rignold in reply to Oldfloss

A s***-ton of sugar in a sachet, basically. Energy gels are used by endurance athletes to replenish their glycogen stores when they get depleted (as happens to marathon runner around mile 18, or inexplicably to a certain strain of 10k or even 5k runners about 3 minutes after the start). They deliver a fast acting hit of glycogen to the muscles and coem in convenient squidgy little tubesm which runner's etiquette dictates you must throw away on the floor or in a hedgerow rather than put in your pocket.

On the hand they are of course, sugar so that energy hit comes with a corresponding crash, and y'know, pure carb and evil carb at that as sugar is the Great Satan and a Chiz and a swiz and a swindle, as any fule kno.

And they taste utterly vile and have catastrophic effects on some people's digestive systems.

other than that, what's not to love? Supplement companies love them because they charge a fortune for alittle tube of squidgy sugar and running magazines always endorse the use of them because of the advertising revenue.


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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Rignold

Thank you Rig!

Not missing anything then...:) Sugar has always been referred to as , The White Death, in our home for oh, so many years.

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BonkersbritGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I read here, I think on a post about, things I've learned since I started, or something like that the writer ' would rather lick the gunk out of a dogs eyes than gel from a gel pack'. Sorry can't remember who, but that coupled with my very short running distances so far, negate the need to even venture toward these things!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Bonkersbrit

It sounds like a Rignold comment... but may not be :) Fortunately.. I dislike anything remotely sweet... I once nearly caused uproar on here by saying I did not like chocolate :)

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BonkersbritGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

People have been burned at the stake for less ,you heretic !!!

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Rignold in reply to Bonkersbrit

That does sound like one of mine.

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Sandraj39Graduate in reply to Rignold

Never tasted one, never will - had my own 'power flapjack' chopped up to keep me going when I did my HM, (much to my sister's amusement and comments about a 'picnic' or something!) I am now pretty efficient at eating them on the hoof!

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With the magnetic fastening system, you can hook it up wherever you want. Interesting. Perhaps too bulky.