Running with a drink - a question for all you who are used to it.

I did my first run with a drink in hand today as my distance drifts up past 10K I am starting to feel in need and want to have the habit right for the halfer later in the year.

I think I liked having the drink (bottle of Lucozade sport) except it made me a bit sticky when I spilled drops. However I HATED HATED HATED carrying it. I just felt all out of balance, couldn't get a proper arm swing on the side holding the bottle just no proper rhythm with it. I was really glad when I finished it and could throw it away; however of course that was near the end as I was trying the regular little sips ploy however much I wanted to glug the whole thing just so I could get rid of it.

Anyone got any experience with belts or bandoliers or anything like that I could tuck it into?


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  • i carry mine in my hand but have to say its more like a comfort blanket as have rarely needed it during the run.

  • I have a batman utility belt (below) which hold 2 small bottles plus mp3, phone, keys etc. I only drink water so no sticky fingers ;)

  • does it bounce or chafe or anything?

  • No, most of the time I forget I'm wearing it. One of the reasons I went for this one is that the bottles are small so not too much weight or bounce. The main pouch has a mesh back so not hot either. I have one of the polo types (hole in the middle) but I just don't like carry things when running.

  • I haven't ran with a drink yet but will probably have to soon. I was thinking about getting one that's loop shaped so you can put you're hand through the middle. Not sure if it makes it any easier, anyone used one?

  • I have - hated it !! :( I'm with Greg.....

  • I bought a loop one and it leaked all over me for my run so I gave up on carrying any water! I do find it very difficult to drink and run at the same time ;-)

  • Also hate it, in the summer I only ever brought a drink out a couple of times and actually ended up tucking my bottle into my waste band if I was wearing a loose t-shirt so it wouldn't look too silly. I always meant to get a belt, but haven't upped the miles since then. I generally was ok up to 14k without a drink but never got beyond that.

  • Personal preference I suppose, I find it hard to run without holding a bottle. God knows what I'll be like past 5k as I generally drink half a litre before I'm through 4.5! Then again, I do sweat profusely.

  • I hadnt needed to drink on a run (one good thing about it being so cold and wet!) till last week when I knew I would be running for 60 mins or so. Following advice in my "Running made Easy" book I take half water/half juice (cheaper version of sports drinks, same carbs!)

    I have one of those bottles (cheap one from Sports Direct) that has a sort of "hole" in the middle and is shaped so you can grip on one side. My wrist and hand are small enough that I can put by hand thru it and not actually have to grip it as I found I was gripping too tight and tensing up for some reason!

    I am going to buy one of those waist belts with several small bottles in soon, though. My sister has started using a Camelback hydration pack, but then her long "easy" runs are usually 16 miles upwards!

  • I don't usually bother with a drink for anything under 45 mins-1hr, but yes, it can be a pain, at least till you get used to them. I too have the bottle with the hole in the middle, in fact I have two of different sizes, but neither will let me put my hand right through.

    My OH has a Camelpack thing which he used to run with for training for halfs. I haven't tried it yet, I think it would be too much to cart about. Some people use belts with loops but would they chafe?

    Try the bottle with the hole Greg, see how that feels?


  • I must be the exception even on the 1st week I have carried a normal drink bottle as have always felt the need to drink throughout the session, I'm lucky that it doesn't affect how I run. And because I've always carried one,for me it would be weird to run without holding one.

  • I started needing something to drink in week 6 and always carry water now unless I'm going to be out for less than 30 minutes. I've got a bottle with a hole in the middle, I swop it from hand to hand every time I have a mouthful and find it stops me locking my shoulders up.

  • Glad it's not just me that has a 'drinking problem'.

    I always carry a bottle if I'm going past 7km, but it is a pain as I can't swing my arms properly (especially when it's full). But if i don't take one, all I can think about is how dry my mouth is! Maybe the bottle with the hole is the way forward.

    Also, how does everyone drink whilst running? I always have to slow to a walk otherwise it goes all over me.

  • He he I know what you mean. It was even worse when I did a race and they had drink stations where you could be handed a cup of water - a cup blimey I could hardly process what do do with it....that was one co-ordination too far.

    The first time what didn't end up all over my face ended up down my shirt......the next time I just flung it in the air and ran towards it hoping to catch some in my mouth :-D

  • What a brilliant post, Greg your last suggestion sounds pretty sensible to me!!!!! :D

  • i dont take water with me but i have seen in womens running magazine these nifty looking things that are like a wrist sweat band and have tiny little bottles slipped inside so nothing around your waist andnothing to hold but they dont look like they hold much

  • I can't believe so many of you don't need to take a drink. I wouldn't go without one but only need little sips so wet my mouth after the panting. I use the polo shaped bottle and find it really comfortable to hold. Don't know why I get so dry really!

  • There are a couple of water fountains around the town I run so I usually aim to pass one of them at about the 30min mark of my run. Most of the time I don't stop but handy to know it's there (along with rest room) if needed.

  • well frequested my trusty local Sweatshop and got a camelback belt bottle holder that looks like a hoster for a six gun! Well they had a sale and you can't leave without buying something can you :-)

    I'll give it a run out tomorrow.

  • Greg, is that belt one that holds the small water bottles? My husband has been looking at them and can't decide which to get. I'd like to hear how you get on with it :)

  • No there is two one has two small bottles and the other one larger one. I went with the one larger one for no particular reason :-)

    Feels comfy on but I'll let you know what its like to run in hopefully tomorrow.

  • Ok. Cheers. I'd appreciate it if you could :)

    I can't imagine running in one myself, it drives me crackers running with a jacket tied round my waist! Then again I can only run 4 miles at the momemt, hes training for half marathons haha

  • well, it worked a treat. Much more satisfactory than holding it.

    Nicely padded and comfortable, quite forgot I was wearing it at times. Took a bit of shuffling to find out where it sat most comfortably; which in the end proved to be just inside my right hip at the front.

    The bottle is hung angles so fits nice and snugly.

  • Thanks for letting me know, I've passed the info onto him and he's definitely going to get one now. I think he was concerned about it bouncing as he ran and that getting on his nerves.

    I'm glad you're happy with your purchase :)

  • I was too but it actually didn't once I found the right spot for it. I initially tried it on the back of my hip and it was a bit bouncy there but when I slid it round the front it fitted nicely.

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