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Naughty knees

Well it's been a week since my knees give in. I've been doing the exercises for knees, ive rested them as much as possible and I'm fed up with ibuprofen. IM NO BETTER. Boo Hoo. Itching to get back out there but struggling to climb the stairs. Of a morning I'm in lots of pain until I start to loosen up. Proper fed up now. Rant over. Hope everyone else is doing well keep it up.x

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Hi flart i know what you mean. I had to stop running last due to knee pain.

I have started again a month ago and so far so good. Good luck and i

hope you are better soon, Ed.


Have you tried ice? I have a knee that bothers me most days. I even use a brace on it now when I run. Seems like muscle ointment and ice help...along with a hot bath. The heat seems to limber it up the most. If you continue with actual pain, it might be a good idea to see someone and have it checked out. Good luck! Gayle


Hi I am out with knee trouble. Not run now for nearly 6 weeks, and can't see myself getting back soon. First thing in the morning is ok generally, but after I have been up on it for a while, if I sit down, it is agony to get it going again. If I dare attempt a few running steps, I know I will suffer very soon afterwards. Now have an appoitment at the hospital for 21st January! Think I will be starting again at week 1 at this rate, instead of continuing with week 9!

Knee's are vital to running and if causing pain, and not getting any better, it is possibly time you went to the GP. Good luck!


Only a week! What will you be like at the end of four weeks! I too damaged my knee, coming up to 4 weeks Wednesday. It is now showing signs of improvement, so as long as you rest as much as possible and do the exercises you too will find that slowly you will improve.

Just be patient, and don't run too soon after recovery.

R.I.C.E is the only answer I'm a afraid.


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