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First postgrad run

Just wanted to report on my first post grad run that I did this morning. Boy, it was cold this morning and also a little slippy underfoot.

Reflecting back several hours after the event, today's run was good, I did have to pause briefly twice to cross a main road but did manage the full 30 minutes which I was pleased with (somehow it proves that week 9 wasn't just a fluke) :-)

Hip / back isn't causes to much of a problem lately so I'm going to try going back to running every other day and see how I get on. I've downloaded the C25K+ podcast but will keep running for 30 minutes up until Christmas and plan to start these in the new year.

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Well done, of course it wasn't a fluke. You are a real runner now, no escaping. Good Luck with your next run hope it doesn't get too cold :-)


Wahay - well done - you're off and running now!


Well done Clare!!! I like how you have goals set to keep you running. Hopefully, you can run and the weather will cooperate. I'm dreading the Winter season here also. Gayle


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