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First postgrad run tomorrow


So I graduated on Monday and can’t wait to go for my first postgrad run tomorrow morning.

I would never have completed C25k without all the fab advice and inspiration I’ve read on this forum. Thank you ! Here’s to the start of my running journey. 😊

I’m planning to consolidate with 3 x 30 min runs for the next couple of weeks then I’ll try gradually increasing my distance to 5k (managed 3.75k in 30 mins on Mon).

Will keep checking in for advice and inspiration.

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Great news Newrunmum!

Congratulations for completing the program and Graduating. Brilliant plan, enjoy your running wearing your virtual shiny Graduate badge! 😊x

NewrunmumGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you. I’ll wear it with pride x 😊


Congratulations not-so-new-any-more-runmum! 👏👏👏🏃‍♀️😊👊

I wish you all the best for your journey towards where it may take you, make sure you continue to post with how your runs are going and nip into the Bridge to 10k forum for advice and inspiration too - you don't need to be aiming towards 10k to benefit from it.

For info on where to think about going after consolidation, have a peruse over this: 😄

NewrunmumGraduate in reply to Mike_Bravo

Thanks Mike. New tips always very welcome. 😊


Congratulations on getting here. I was the same this time last week.

Your approach is a sensible one. I do something similar in that I aim for two 5k runs, and one (marginally longer as my 5k time is just a shade over 38 mins) 40 minute run. I'm trying to reduce my 5k time and increase my 40 min distance. Still early days, but I know (for me) those two targets are doable.

Good luck on the next phase.


Hope you really enjoy your first post-grad run! The first of many!

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