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Plodding along

Well i've been getting out there for 5k runs three times a week since my poorly ankle a fe weeks ago, but with a niggle in my thigh, that has meant that I'm generally been running later in the day when it calms down, rather than my preferred morning runs.

Well I came across an Internet article on stretching

And I so identified with Piriformis Stretches so I've added them to my stretching routine, so hopefully not long until I can increase the distance again (but more slowly this time).

Take care everyone and enjoy your runs :-)

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You too, Phil.. Stretch out - I hope it works, and that you can get back to morning runs. Take it easy.


Good link, I've been getting lower back twinges so need to try the piriformis stretches more regularly, I think. Thanks.


Hi Phil and greetings from Italy! Take care!


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