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week 9 aaaargh!

Just downloading week 9 for tomorrow! ooooh I have a feeling its gonna be hard. week 8 has left me with achy legs. and yesterday my boyfriend kindly told me Im running wrong (hes a runner and says im too hunched) so Im feeling pretty worried now.

Im sure it will be fine...well... maybe...

And Its freezing here! and Im tired and I keep finding reasons to chicken out - but Ive gotta keep going cos Ive signed up for a 5k race on new years eve!!!!!!

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2 little minutes more, that is all. You WILL surprise yourself, by adapting to it and just think, this time next week you could be a GRADUATE!! It is really hard to get out there in this weather, but what great motivation you have with the 5K coming up!

Also regarding what your boyfriend says, I'm no expert at all, but maybe you need to try to consciously think about your posture while you are running. Try to stand tall and look ahead rather than down, this will probably improve your running style. It may take some of the pressure off your legs so they don't ache as much. Also make sure to make use of your arms to help power you along!


You can do it!!! It is only 2 more minutes, I found wk8 incredibly hard but managed wk9 ok, and you will be able to do your 5K run just don't get carried away with the other runners and start too fast, better to start slow and speed up if you can. When running try to look straight a head and relax your shoulders then you shouldn't be hunched (if you are). Good Luck with wk9 you can do it :-D


Thankyou both, I know Ive come this far so Ive got to keep going....

and yesterday I did it - 4k in 30 mins which im pretty chuffed about! not much more to do an extra k is there? lol!


Only 2 more easy, peasy minutes....YOU CAN DO IT! :-) Like the others suggested, try to stand tall and look ahead. I notice with my longer runs, midway through, I start to "droop" I think that will eventually improve as we run and build our inner core up. I did a 5K the week I graduated. You will be great! Just go slow and enjoy the experience. Looking forward to seeing your badge soon! Gayle


Thankyou gayle - I had a good run I think! I always feel good after about 2k, I guess your body relaxes into the run a bit. havent run today - just had too much going on but I will be out tomorrow for w9 r2 . Im actually looking forward to pushing on and being able to actually say I can do 5k!!! :)


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