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Week 9 over finally

I started week 9 the middle of last week and I had some set backs but Ive carried on and tonight I finished week 9. I can say that I have completed couch to 5k and I couldn't be happier.

Doing this has been amazing I have really enjoyed it and loved doing it. I used to be a long distance runner when I was younger and its just been awesome getting back into it and I'm looking forward to continuing it.

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Well done. You must be feeling so good. I'm two runs behind you and hope to complete this week, weather allowing. Here's to getting your badge and more running. Good luck


well done, hoping to join you in the graduate club later today.


angelinably well done!!! Yeeeeah! You are a Graduate! Don't forget to mail John for your lovely badge-takes two weeks to arrive by the way. Think he does them in batches.

gaterunner 2 more runs and chusan51 well done! I'm sure you will have graduated by the time you read this, so let me be the first to congratualte you :-)


Congratulations! Well done for the achievement - keep on running :)


Thanks you guys, went out and done the couch to 5k+ stepping stone podcast yesterday and i almost died :D way to fast running but it still kept running to the end.


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