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Week 5 Run 2. Quick play the Rocky Fight Song!

I am so proud of myself. I really did well on this run. Failing my first W5R1 was probably the best thing that's happened to me during this adventure. I'm not afraid to fail anymore. It's happened, and you know what? The world didn't end. I got up, and I kept going. C25K doesn't have to be all or nothing. A small set back isn't the same thing as a complete failure.

Again (I seem to do this a lot) I'm going to use this lesson in my "real" aka not running life. I've always been a perfectionist. Perfection is a great thing, but it's so nerve racking. I'm going to let up on myself. It's okay to be less than perfect.

BTW-During the last 60 seconds of my 2nd 8 minutes, I decided to go for it. I sprinted for that last minute. It was amazing. That makes me think that I'm really ready for my 20 minutes on Sunday.

Happy Running & good luck to everyonel!



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Good on you Kimber....for starting...and REstarting!

You are going to succeed at C25K and become the best you can be. Maybe NOT perfect...but that's not what is important...what's important is that you are doing your excuses, no whingeing, just doing it.

Best of running to you!


Absolutely the right attitude to have Kimber, well done on the run and the sprint!!

You will be fine for Sunday, I have every faith in you! Go girl!

Sue x


Way to go. I'm glad to hear your overcame your minor set back and picked yoursefl up and soldiered on. All of us have our struggles. The true test is whether those struggles defeat us or make us stronger. It seems like you've chosen to get stronger.

BTW, I do listen to the Rocky fight song when I'm running. I know it's geeky, but it is inspiring.

Keep on keeping on. You can do this.


Well done! You are going to fly today, can't wait to read your R3 blog!

Totally with you on the perfection thing, it took me such a long time to realise everything doesn't have to be perfect and my life has been far less stressful since I realised that. Of course that doesn't stop you shooting for the stars, it just allows you to recognise a job well done.

Happy running!


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