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Don't run before you can walk! (or W5r3 in the ice)

I am very chuffed to say that I have just finished w5r3!!!! Woke up feeling excited and raring to go, did my stretches, grabbed the dog and off I went :-) my brisk 5 minute walk started well until I made the mistake of saying hello to someone which meant I lost concentration and went flying after walking on some black ice. Sooo funny (I heard the other bod chuckle too), but I wasn't deterred.

After this mishap I successfully made it onto the beach and ran, took it 5 mins at a time and before I knew it 20 minutes was over and I'd done it :-)

Hope everyone else has had a great day today!!!

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I'm glad to hear you had a good run. I like the taking it 5 mins at a time idea. Was just contemplating what week 5 will bring for me next week. Good luck for week 6! Tricia


Thanks! It's a great feeling having done it, definitely the biggest challenge so far but worth it



Well done Heather! Enjoy that feeling of running for 20 mins; it really is a milestone on your journey!

Glad you didnt hurt yourself after your fall....not like me yesterday and that wasnt even due to ice!!

Best of luck for week 6. Sue


Wonderfully done, hevskii!! Look at you...running for 20 minutes!! Now that is what I call progress!! The end of W5...that means that you are now over halfway!! Well done!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Well done hevskii !!! I completed my 20 minute run today, and adopted a similar approach in biting off 5 minute chunks. I try to distract myself so that when Laura chips in every 5 minutes its a pleasant surprise to know that you've completed another quarter of the run.


Thanks everyone for your great comments! It's like a little mental hug every time I read these blog posts :-)


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