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Wow I feel good...Laura said that I would!

Feeling so good this morning just had to share. Did stepping stones first thing - dark and freezing cold at 6am but was highly motivated by all comments here. Did the first two sections well, struggled with the 160 bit - but you know what I felt so good running for the whole session much faster than usual that I am fine with that - as Laura says something to aim for. :-)

Then went to Doctors for check up and repeat ventolin prescription - well my peak flow is up 10% from March, my blood pressure is Quote "disgustingly healthy" and I have lost half a stone since October!! Doctor well impressed :-)

Feeling 100% this morning- brilliant feeling - for all of you still on the journey - you do get there - and no run is so bad that the feeling from a good run can't erase the memory.

Off to Centre Parcs this weekend with the family- packing my trainers - my SIL says she is coming too - she better keep up!!:-)

Happy Running all - and sincere thanks for all positive comments and encouragement that get me out of bed at 6am :-)

best wishes

S xxx

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Faaaaantaaaastic!!!! Yeeeeah! It works!!! I haven't had my annual Asthma check up yet-so will be pleased when I do, as my peak flow is way up from what it was. So pleased for you Susan. You will really enjoy the runs through the forest now at CP. Perhaps as you're on holiday you can have an extra hour in bed and get up at 7am, lol!!

Colette xxxx


That is fabulous news! Well done. You should be very proud of yourself. You may need to change your user name, there is nothing 'virtual' about your running ;-)

Have a wonderful holiday with your family and enjoy running in such a lovely new setting :-)


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