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Frustrations of an out of action Mo!

I made the decision on Monday, due to some very tender muscles either side of my achillies to rest until this coming weekend.

I've got Saturday to look forward to as I'll be getting my fix of 'run shopping' when i buy some heel inserts. But until then I'm grounded :-(

It's a nice sunny day, my favourite running kit is ready to go AND my new toy/treat for getting to the end of week 9 without deviating from the course is ready to tell me all sorts of data about how I'm doing, but I'm not going out (sniff, sniff).

Never thought I'd get this hooked - especially after sympathising with people on this blog who were doing the runs but not quite 'enjoying running' yet.

So if there is anyone out there who'd like to take me out in spirit - let me know.

Happy running - Mo.

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I'm grounded too mo! Combination of stomach bug and torrential rain have me grounded till Friday, so all I can do is sympathise! Delia xox


Oh no you too Delia!

Have you tried the dehydration satchets? I find them a god-send when I'm in India!

Mo x


It could be worse! I haven't been able to run for 10 days now. Doctor reckons I have Plantar Faciitis. Im going to see a physio tommorow. I can just about limp never mind walk :S


That kinda put's my situation in to perspective!

Physios can do magic, so here's hoping you have a speedy recovery.

Mo :-)


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